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Seeds Foreign salad vegetables, Thai Vegetable
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Hydroponics - New Agricultural Technology

The pride of Thai People

            Bangsai Agricultural Center, with good reputation among organizations and customers, have successfully researched and developed the new practice of Soilless culture which is different from foreign country system as:

  1. Be able to grow plants appropriate with consume behavior of Thai people such as Chinese vegetable (Brassica Oleracea), White green plant, Cantonese, Spinacia gleracea, spinach, and all kind of leave consumed plants. Also able to grow popular foreign salad vegetable in soilless culture with result in high productivity but simple of  maintenance.
  2. Only 20-30 days of planting cycle.
  3. No fertilizer transfer while planting as result in time and cost saving.
  4. Could be good for both for both hobby and commerce.
  5. This hydroponics system is “environment friendly” and 100% non-insecticide.
  6. All of equipment and plant nutrition are domestically produced with a long life of use.

    Characteristics of air root and plant at the age of 10 days.

    Listen to an opinion about the advantage of system from Ms. Prajantasane, Doctoral Student from Faculty of Agriculteral Science Konkaen University, who has experiences in soilless culture.
    Please turn on your speak-Flash 532 Kbytes, Download 0.5 minutes (*) approximately for 64 K ADSL.

    Listen to an opinion about the advantage of system from Ms. Prajantasane

    Listen to the summarized lecture of Hydroponics from Associate Professor Dirake Tong-a-ram, the lecturer of agricultural and cooperation promotion couse from Sukhothai Thammatirat University, The specialist of  soilless culture in Thailand.
    Please turn on your speak-Flash 900 Kbytes, Download 1 minutes (*) approximately for 64 K ADSL.

    Listen to the interview of Mr. Krailert Taweekul, A leader of Research  and Development Projects of controlled condition plant growing from Konkaen University, A supervisor of Research Development Projects of Hydroponics which participate with Bangsai Agricultural Center.
    Please turn on your speak- Flash 733 Kbytes, Download 0.5 minutes (*) approximately for 64 K ADSL.

    Listen to the interview of Mr. Krailert Taweekul, A leader of Research and Development Projects of controlled condition plant growing from Konkaen University

    If your browser cannot perform the above Flash Clip Video after small pop-up window is displayed, please download Macromedia Flash Player, then return to the Clip Video again.

    Hydroponics: Happy Kit II VCD
    Hydroponics, Soilless CultureBrand New! General Introduction in soilless culture VCD

    Partial contents the above 3 clip videos. Special prices with limited order. Hurry up before it all gone.
    More details »

    Hydroponics book
    Hydroponics, Soilless CultureBook: “Soilless culture: The principle of operation and technology management in term of business in Thailand”

    The 1st edition have already sold out, so we have launched the 2nd Edition with additional contents from 640 pages to 724 pages but still sell at the price 490 baht as one of best knowledgeable source and reference for Agricultural Academic in Thailand. The 1st Edition of book called.
    More details »

    Hydroponics, Soilless CultureNew product introduction, The Happy Kit II: For Hydroponics Trial.

    Happy Kit II - Hydroponics kit for trial

    • As it easy, clean and safety to operate, the kids could use it to grow the plants by themselves inside the house with limited area without toxicity. Also with this kit, they can spend their time usefully, prevent themselves from drugs and enrich their knowledge about agricultural technology.
    • This kit is also suitable for any adult/beginner who interested in new agricultural technology and want to get experience on Hydroponics.
    • This Happy Kit II is offered in special price to encourage the kids to spending their time usefully. “..Happy Kit II… Easy to use, self trial, fun, and useful”
            Click for more information »

    Hydroponic Lettuce: Discovery Channel


    We are pleased to give an advice and consultation about Hydroponics for both business and education (for additional educational institute throughout the country) and also welcome for the plot-seeing visiting. Please contact:

    Bangsai Agricultural Ceter Co., Ltd
    106/361 Moo 6 Soi Navamintra 70, Navamintra Road,
    Klong-Koom, Bueng-Koom, Bangkok 10240
    Tel. 080-454-5151(For English), 02 947 9115 - 6 ext 11, 12, 081-611-7400,
    Fax 02-947-9117

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